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"We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children, because the beauty of the white aryan women must not perish from the earth." 14/88

White Rights

Their were plenty of shootouts between the Panthers and the police, as well as between them and rival cultural nationalists who thought African cultural retention and reassertion were more sturdy than alliances with white people and using texts by Europeans like Karl Marx. The Weather Underground attacked people in the street, bombed police stations and robbed banks. The Browns, Mixed, and other colors are following the idea to hate us for slavery. The facts show that not all slaves were 100 percent black nor were all slave owners white.

White entertainment TV (W. E. T. ) is a idea of a all white TV Network that air all white programing, White History, White Music, White Movies and more. The thing is, Most people think this is a racist idea, and the white people never had a chance to ever see the W. E. T.  Network.  I will argue with those who want to say all TV is white. This is wrong. TV is turning black and gay. White People cannot even have an all white TV show without another color or a gay person in it. We should be allowed to express our pride in the white race, Our rights we want, with what I listed above. They seem to feel that we would use this network to promote White Power and racism. That is not the case, but even if we did does it matter? The idea for WET TV has came to the cable providers and the NWAACP as long with many other race group organizations have protested racism on this idea.  
Black Entertainment TV (B. E. T. ) promotes hate towards the white race all the time. They have spoken of the Black Panthers and Black Power. At the same time called us racist names. (Cracker, Honkey, ETC.)  They make the white race look bad like we did something wrong, and continue to express hate towards us and pride towards themselves.

B. E. T.  airs all Black television such as sitcoms, TV programing, music videos, movies and more. When was it okay to air something all of one color? Was we not told that we could not do that? If we aired white programing that called a race racist names would we not get shut down and stopped? If they can air all black programing then it should not be wrong for us to air all white programing.

On top of the BET channels their also is other all black TV channels such as CTRV and TV1. These channels air all black programming 24 hours. (Direct TV) Their is also Local Channels such as BOUNCE TV and we all remember what UPN aired. 

I would like to see a white entertainment TV (WET) or  The Confederate Network (T. C. N. ) Active. What is so wrong about expressing our race and heritage?

The white people want a month dedicated to learn about their own history. This month has never been thought of to promote Hate or White Power. They are scared we would use White History Month as a racist action when in reality we just want to learn about our heritage. White History Month has never been taught in school, and schools no longer dedicate white history all year around in school. If we cannot have a white history month than why is it necessary for the black race to have a black history month? If they do not want to give us our rights to learn about our heritage than they need to remove black history month and use the school year to learn about each race equally.

Black History month was started  as a black history week because they felt there was not enough people learning about their race and they wanted to learn more. Is this not how we fill now? My kids and future kids should learn about their race in school and not about another race. Black History was started so the kids of the black race can learn their history and be proud of it. Many Americans today will say they no longer feel we need a black history month.

My kids our white and should be proud of that. They should learn about their heritage and not about another heritage of another race that would never matter to them. When Black History month is taught in school it is to always show the black person as a hero and the white person as the bad guy. That is not how it was either. White people had very good parts of our history and many of these "Black Heroes" are not as good as they seem. They have twisted the words around and push certain beliefs on America so that we do not know the true history of our people.

I do not want my race to be shown as haters just because the black race does not understand history. When can we speak out to correct the hate they have for our race? Even If white history month promoted hate, The black race has done that for years.

When someone fights for there rights and shows signs of violence to do so, that only shows me that it is under the act of terrorism. If the White Race would rally, march or fight for there rights in the form of riots, violence or any action of killing we would be known as a terrorist group. The black race has shown violence to get where they are at. Our we going give terrorist free rights in America to do what they want? Why is it that the true Americans our being taken away from there rights and these free loaders and border jumpers get our rights?

In the wake of the Negro riots that moved along, almost summer to summer, from 1964 to 1968, the Black Panther Party and the Weather Underground picked up on all of that Malcolm X rhetoric. During the anti-war years they put those ideas about self-defense and revolution into some thin Marxist wrappers and went to market calling for "offing the pig" and "bringing the war home."

But does it stop their? NO. Now we have to feel sorry and support rights to Muslims and Jews whom have threaten and attacked our country. By the way, If we don't were racist. Jews attacked us on 9/11 and told us it was Muslims. They have countued these false flag attackes and we have to understand them. Promote them. Love them. Why? We can not hate terrorist now? We have to support their religious beliefs? What about our beliefs and religion?



Were Not Just As Bad

A lot of people think that the White race is just as bad. There are poor white people without jobs that get in trouble, but the rate is much lower than these blacks and border jumpers. I have been to prison and saw very few white people but a lot of blacks and other race groups. White people are not committing violent crimes on white people all the time to get guns and robing one another for money to buy crack. There was more white people working than any other race, but now that are jobs are being taken and the blacks influences drugs on our kids, We can see that our own race is slowly falling down. However, we are still standing up and fighting the system for our rights and to work hard.

Look at this. A white guy without a job is out doing odd jobs, mowing, scraping, and the list goes on. A black guy without a job is stealing, robing and doing drugs. While The white man is trying to earn his respect back in America, our kids, and white women are being beaten, raped, and killed. The white people were doing a lot better back in the day when black people were slaves, After they were free you can see that the white race is being influence by these other colors to do drugs and crime. If America was white once more I can see the crime rate lowering by a big number. It is a proven fact that the White People worked more, took care of there families and keep out of jail before these black people had rights. 

Now we can look at the statics and see that everything the black person does, the white person will follow. It happens when small White towns are over taken by other race groups and than the crime, rape, and drugs rate goes up. White People get influence by this and follow. While we our doing drugs and going to jail, Than we our a way from our white women, kids and family. What do you think is happing to our kids and family while were gone? The white women our being raped and our kids are influence by them other race groups that were racist and worth nothing. Than the drugs come in.

If the country was white once again, Jails and Prisons would be shut down because there would not be as much criminals. They would have some jails and Prisons open but very few. More white people would have jobs because we would not have to give it to another race first, or pay another race cheaper price. Their would even be jobs for all the jail guards and cops being laid off due to lack of crime.  When everyone is working there would be no need to steal, rob, or kill anyone for there items. There also would be no need to have to not trust your neighbor or live in fear. The gangs would be gone, No one would be shooting off guns for no reason, And there would be no reason to fear living in your town or walking down a certain street. Drugs would still be an issue but not as bad. With crime lowered, They many even lower prices on items. We pay for the people in jail, we pay to clean the streets they terrorize, and we pay for what ever damage they caused by the crime they did.

The state of Illinois has at lease 30 open prisons with over 1,000 people. That is $100 a day per inmate (from our tax) which is 30 prisons  X 1,000 inmates= 30,000 x $100 per inmate = $3,000,000 a day. Now yearly that is over One Billion Dollars a year we pay inmates from our taxes. That is Just Illinois and not even speaking of the extra $10 a month we give each inmate. Think where that Billion a year could go. Schools? Public streets? Debt?

With lower taxes, and cheaper items to buy we would be living in a better life style. Our race would be pure of one color and we would be a smart country. White people are proven to be smart. If we were a smart country than we would not have to deal with these starting wars with us. If they did we would be smart enough to have better weapons and be more in terms with future stuff. 

The black race is allowed many chances while the white race is torn apart and raped. Think about it. When you flip threw the TV you see all this hip hop/rap, gayness, and black TV stuff. What has happen to the good white TV of the past? What now, do we have to replace old TV with black TV? You can search for some of these white shows and not find it on TV but you would see the same black show on 3 or 4 channels. Than our books are replaced with black books. What happen to the white books? There is rap CD'S and black music. Where is the country music?  Rock Music?  White music?

Were losing the freedom. Were losing the rights. The Black race wants everything for them and does not care about the white race. We cannot speak out on what we belief without it being a hate crime. We should be able to teach our kids to be proud of their race and keep our race pure. We are not allow to preach them beliefs even though we teach them religion and right from wrong. It is in the bible (for you religious folks) That it is wrong to be gay and wrong to mix race. I think it is wrong for the government to push a gay belief on our kids. It shows up all the time on TV and cartoons that it is okay to be gay. I do not agree with that and would not like my kids to learn that. Now the government has pushed all this "blacks are okay and we have to be like them"  so far that white people are into drugs, acting black, and they talk black. It can make one upset to know that there are no normal white people who hang with black people. They are either lazy trailer trash or they are acting black. 
These black people want us to feel sorry for them and make everything out to be the white mans fault. They are hogging all the welfare When there are people who actually needs a little bit of help from welfare, and usually cannot receive it due to all the black people living off of every ones  work. Maybe if they would take some time away from stealing, robbing, raping, and ruining the world for everyone else they could spend some time getting an education. There is very few (If any) cases where a white guy has ever raped a black girl but many cases the other way around. For the few cases where white men have raped white women, it had nothing to do with race and was normally due to dating one who called raped when it was not.  The thing is that people should open there eyes and stay with their own race so not to kill off a race. The number of white people lowers by the day due to interaction with other colors. We are killing off our own race, the smartest race, and people allow it to happen. Our race is turning also turning gay and it has torn apart the race. If we allow our race to be gay and be with non white people than we will die off. 


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